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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of flooring do you work with?

We work with Carpet, Vinyl & Hybrid flooring, Engineered timber, & Cork flooring. You can check out some of our products on our website!

We specialize in cork flooring & high quality carpets, including patterned & axminster carpets, as well as durable long lasting flooring for residential or commercial applications.

We are experienced with all types of flooring for all kinds of use. We work with rental & investment properties, residential homes, commercial sites such as kitchens or workshops with safety requirements, offices & other workspaces. Regardless of the property, Chapman Floor Coverings is here to help!

What kind of flooring do I need?

That depends on the property!

You should consider what the space is being used for – a soft luxurious carpet is great for a bedroom or living room, but not the best choice for a kitchen or a workshop. Ceramic tiles are great for kitchens and bathrooms, but might be a bit cold and less comfortable in the rest of your home. We can provide advice on the different applications of a wide variety of floor covering options.

You should also consider what you personally want from your floor; things like durable floors, easy to clean or maintain, or how environmentally friendly your flooring is depends from person to person, just like the most important factor; how it looks! We have a broad range of flooring options suitable to any need, so feel welcome to visit our showroom to check it out!

Can I purchase flooring for DIY?

Absolutely! We do supply & install flooring jobs, but we also sell directly. If you have a DIY job in mind using flooring made by one of the manufacturers we work with, feel welcome to contact us to see what we can do for you.

What regions do you cover?

We supply and install flooring in Canberra and the surrounding region. We are located in Queanbeyan, and do plenty of flooring in Jerrabomberra and Googong. We also travel for work – we’ve done flooring in Victoria, Melbourne, Sydney & Rural NSW, and even up into Queensland!

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