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Cork flooring is one of the most beautiful and comfortable floor material options available. It is environmentally friendly and is considered a renewable and sustainable natural resource. It has a soft feel underfoot, and has excellent acoustic & thermal insulation properties. At CFC we LOVE cork!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of cork flooring?

Cork flooring has many great qualities for flooring. It is excellent for impact and noise absorbtion, is waterproof and easy to take care of. They have a nice warm feel, a classic look – and newer modern designs too! A good cork floor can easily last 20-30+ years.

Is cork flooring durable?

Cork flooring is very durable. It has high impact resistance and is waterproofed, which is why it is often seen in home kitchens. Cork floors tend to last for a very long time and are easy to care for. Furniture coasters are recommended for heavy furniture

Can cork be refinished?

Absolutely! If something does happen to damage the surface of your cork floor, it can be sanded and resealed

Is cork flooring sustainable?

Cork flooring is a natural, sustainable product. Cork is harvested from the bark of the tree. Cork oak trees can be harvested for the first time for cork bark after about 25 years. Thereafter, the tree bark is harvested every 9 years, leaving the tree still standing.

This 230 year old Cork Oak tree is Portugal’s most prized tree and the most productive one on record. Ever since 1820, it’s harvested every 9 years for wine cork bottles. Stripping the bark doesn’t damage the tree as it regenerates naturally, sequestering more CO2 in the process.

Cork flooring is a fantastic choice for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly flooring option.

What is Hybrid Cork?

Hybrid Cork is a flooring product with the durability and long life of hybrid vinyl flooring, but the quality and properties of cork flooring.

Hybrid Cork has a polyurethane coating (1) protecting the printed layer – not made from new plastic/vinyl, but manufactured from recycled plastic bottles (2) which sits on top of a layer of cork to improve the insulation properties of the plank (3). The core (4) of the plank is manufactured from cork, as is the underlay (6) to further improve the acoustic & thermal insulation of the plank.
Hybrid cork products combine the robust qualities of vinyl flooring, with the wonderful properties of cork.