Timber HARDWOOD flooring Canberra

For superb warmth and grace in your home, nothing exceeds the appeal of a wood floor. You’ll never tire of its extraordinary beauty, and it will certainly provide you a lifetime of pleasure. Our qualified professionals will ensure your timber flooring looks amazing for years to come!

We have a range of Australian native timbers, as well as European oak style flooring, including parquetry & patterned installations.

We specialize in engineered wood flooring & timber floating floors – contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is timber flooring durable?

Featuring all of the same aesthetic attributes of solid timber flooring on the surface, engineered timber flooring is designed with a multi-layered construction making it a universally versatile product which offers exceptional durability and longevity.

engineered timber boards provide a superior resistance to expansion or contraction as a result of their multi layered construction.

Suitable for almost any room in the house, engineered timber flooring is low maintenance, easy to clean and is available in a wide range of colours, styles and finishes to complement the interior of any home.

Where does the timber in timber flooring come from?

The majority of our timber floors are made using Australian sourced timbers. The most popular choices are Blackbutt, Spotted Gum and Tasmanian oak. We also have a variety of other timbers like European oaks to choose from!

What are the benefits of timber flooring?

Timber flooring is warm and visually pleasing. Being naturally warm and attractive, timber floors help create a relaxing and comfortable environment, turning a house into a home. They are durable, sturdy and are a great choice for health concerns in the home.

Timber flooring is a natural product and breaks down after it has been disposed of. Timber is more energy-efficient than other flooring surfaces and is a sustainable resource. People often pay more for homes with timber flooring, and it is a popular choice for people who are looking to freshen up a property before sale.


How do I take care of a timber floor?

Timber floors are easy to maintain. Regular vacuuming will reduce dust and any material like pebbles or small stones, which can damage the timber flooring. When mopping, it is best not to use too much water on your timber floors, a damp mop without too much excess water is recommended.

Any excess water on your flooring from spills, accidents or mopping should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Timber floors can be quite resilient to damage once cured and coated up – be careful when using strong cleaning products to make sure the curing and final coats aren’t damaged, which can lead to the timber flooring degrading over tme



Do you provide laminate flooring?

At CFC, we generally avoid laminate flooring.

The main differences between engineered timber flooring and laminates:

Veneer – Laminate flooring has a veneer of 0.5mm of real timber, Engineered flooring has 0.6-6mm. Our Engineered timbers have a minimum of 3mm on the veneer. If you damage a laminate floor, the core is exposed; if you damage engineered timber, you can repair/sand back the damage and recoat the flooring to make it last longer. The thin veneer on Laminate flooring is not enough.

Core – the core of Laminate flooring is a high density fibreboard (HDF), whereas Engineered timber has a plywood core. Moisture is a big concern with timber flooring, as it swells the boards and can cause an uneven finish when the timber expands. HDF is much more absorbent than the plywood cores of Engineered timber; a lot of manufacturers will include wax on the joining mechanism of the boards to improve water resistance, as well as mixing it through the plywood core.

Laminate flooring is cheaper than Engineered timber; you do not get the quality for the price. We do not work with laminate flooring, or any kind of flooring we believe will cause issues for our customers instead of providing a good quality and beautiful floor that suits our customers needs and desires.