Inspired by nature, Appleton captures the true essence of the land that surrounds us.

Made from 100% homespun woollen fibres, this loop pile provides a variety of benefits to you and your living environment, such as good thermal insulation that regulates the humidity and temperature to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer.

Its breathable woollen fibre structure traps dust mites and bacteria until they are vacuumed, and absorbs gases like nitrous oxide and formaldehyde, thereby improving indoor air quality.

Appleton’s raw and tactile colour palette is designed by Mother Earth herself. A combination of neutral heathers and stipples come together to celebrate the beauty of this wool loop. Rustic, sandy, and smokey are the key tones of this palette.

Ushering together long lasting durability, low maintenance, and sustainability, Appleton’s truly is a perfect carpet for your home.

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