Panorama – Timber

Signature’s premier luxury vinyl plank range – Panorama – is sure to excite! Inspired by Australian landscape art and impressionism, this artistic collection, whose name literally translates to ‘view’, is an homage to the breathtaking views of Australian landscapes captured through the artists creative lens.

The characteristically Australian flavour is evident in the authentic textures, hues and colours of the plank designs. Planks emulate the look and feel of Aussie Species & Oak trees and the raw sophistication of stone – elements so distinct to the country’s scenery. Panorama’s unparalleled selection of 22 references feels grounded and earthy with authentic, durable and resilient timber and stone style planks that are sure to elevate your home.

Panorama feels soft underfoot, and is waterproof as well as scratch and stain resistant. It features a durable 6-layer construction and is ideal for active homes with children and pets.

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